January 31, 2022

As the team is shaping and we get used to the cold weather and the snowy days, we have a lot going on! This happened last week:

  • Wenzhe was invited to give a talk at the American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting (102nd AMS conference) about characterizing drought impacts using multi-sensor remote sensing. If you want to know more about the event click here
  • César gave a semminar at Harvard Forest titled 'Carbon Accrual in Land Under Rising CO2', opening a new semminar series. These semminars are open to the public, you can see more details here.
  • César will be teaching The Terrestrial Carbon Cycle and Ecosystem Ecology this semester. You can browse all the CEE spring subject offerings here
  • Helena will be Teaching Assistant. She will focus on R teaching, and is busy getting material ready for the classes starting this week.  
  • Climate Snacks are back on deck! The next session is booked for Feb 15th.